Tell us about the identity of Tuttii Fruitti London?

“Our shop is very casual, relaxed, and real. It's a non judgment space where you can explore your identity in a very fluid way. We’re inclusive and it’s important to us that nobody gets left out. This is why we have "Pay What You Can Afford” pricing. We believe that everyone should have access to self care but sadly a lot of people feel excluded from regular salon spaces because they can't afford it. Self Care is an important part of maintaining positive mental health. By standing against judgement and elitism we hope to create a space that inspires the world to adapt and open its doors to all.”

You obviously have a very unique style. What do you take inspiration from?

Over the years our style has evolved to be more all encompassing. We are pushing it every day to make our world like a living canvas. We want to feel so layered and merge fully into our art. We are inspired by everything and everyone we see, feel and love. Our clown collection inspires us a lot and we just always bounce off our own creations, paintings and visions. More importantly our ideas come from within. We introspect, meditate and every time dive deeper, open new gateways of inspiration. We get most of our visions from our subconscious dreamscapes. In terms of artists that inspire us we feel very connected to Kandinsky and Miro’s paintings. The visual world they have created is very emotionally expressive.

Dead or alive who would you love to work/hang with and why?

George Michael. He is a beautiful soul, spiritually connected and really down to earth. Such a real artist, always so honest. We have so much respect for him and his music.

Beyond work and supporting other creatives, what are your passions? What do you do on vacation or your days off? What do you wish you had more time for?

Tuttii : When I’m not at work I love doing art dress up days, photo shoots, making videos and paintings, hanging with my mates and getting inspired in my colourful clown home with my lil pup and cats.

Toni : To be honest my passion is Life! I love hanging out with my friends, connecting with people in the street, being out in Deptford, the community is so full of love. I’ve also been focusing on self healing. We need to remember to spend time with ourselves, it's so Important in this life of constant activity and productivity. Society tells us to keep active and we forget to rest and recenter ourselves, be in nature with the trees!  

Any projects, events, or collabs coming up in 2019 that you’d like to share?

We will be doing a collaborative project with the local community in resistance to the redevelopment of the old tidemill wildlife garden and school. We lived in this community creative hub for 6 years and grew our business there. Without it we wouldn’t be here. The council have torn down the trees and are paying millions for a security company to secure it so the locals don’t re-occupy until they begin the building work. There is a beautiful resistance happening in the area to counteract the huge negative energy shift caused by Lewisham council and the overall unstoppable gentrification that is hitting Deptford. We are working on a photo series which will be exhibited in a local gallery space and online.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Tuttii : a clown hair sculptor

Toni : a filmmaker, story teller, writer, painter, costume maker, inventor, dream weaver all in one.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? What is the worst?

Toni : My art teacher said “You are multitalented, never let anyone tell you it is a downfall. Don’t let go of this. You can be everything.”

Where is your favourite place on this planet?

The old tidemill school, our previous home and land of dreams. This was our favourite place on Earth, our clown home that inspired us and made us happy. Every single day we woke up with a smile on our faces because we had the freedom to create an immersive psychedelic cave of magic. We experienced true freedom and happiness there. It was a special place that sadly we lost.

Tell us something about your personal life past or present that will blow our minds?

Toni : Every morning I pick Tuttii’s golden bogey to add to my collection. Sometimes I eat them too.


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