Only fans has become a phenomenon over the past couple of years with more and more girls and guys choosing to take to the platform as a career path but it's not without it's critics. we speak to ruby alexia who has forged a very successful path for herself and gives us the lowdown on what it takes. 


What made you decide to venture into OnlyFans?

I started modelling almost 4 years ago, and went straight into glamour, slowly evolving into fetish. It is something that I’d been interested in for a while, and decided to take the plunge to embrace myself and grow in confidence. I started Onlyfans 2 years ago as I wanted to have all of my content in one place where I can upload whenever I want to and be able to establish a relationship with consumers via messaging. It’s really just very similar to social media like Instagram, with fewer restrictions.


It’s probably a big misconception that people on Only Fans are lazy and just making a quick buck but I’m sure that’s not the case for big creators like yourself. How much work goes into creating content?

Absolutely, it’s not easy in any case. I work every day without fail; whether that be creating content, editing, networking, replying to messages on the site (I receive around 100 a day), as well as other admin tasks like finances, emails, promotion etc. Being self employed in this business requires knowledge of multiple sectors to be successful. Persistence is key, as with any self-employed person. However, smaller creators often have to push a lot harder. There is no homepage on the site, so there is often a correlation between a larger following and the more you network, with more subscribers on your page. I think this misconception arises as from an outsider view, the creator takes a quick photo and the subscriber pays to view it. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, but as with all social media, not everything is as simple as it seems.


Would you say it’s a career?

Of course. I work hard and I earn a lot, far more so than when I previously worked in engineering and nursing.


Do you think it has longevity?

I should hope so! I see creators of all ages using the site, some of whom have been in the industry for decades, others who are just starting out. There’s always something out there for someone. Sex work has held a prevalent place on the internet from the beginning.


What’s your opinion on people that say it objectifies women?

I find it an incredibly positive experience that I’m able to use a platform to express myself how I please. The platform itself is not objectifying anyone. My mindset is that I have been sexualised from a very young age, from cat calling in the street, to being groped, because I am female. I would much rather people pay for my content, which I willingly and enthusiastically provide, and be treated with respect. Onlyfans is not a sex work-specific platform. You’ll find entertainers of all genders from many industries such as; musicians, chefs, dancers, and drag artists.


Why do you think people pay and subscribe to Only Fans sites when porn is freely available on the net?

It’s a misconception that porn is “free”. The majority of amateur content on tube sites is leaked or pirated, meaning that creators lose out on earnings, or people are suffering due to the result of revenge porn. There are a lot of issues with sites like PornHub, and I am happy to see ethical porn becoming more popular! If you pay for other subscriptions like Netflix, why wouldn’t you pay for porn? The money actually goes to the creators you support, and in turn, they can create more for you!


What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking of starting Only Fans?

Branding yourself is incredibly important, and be prepared to work hard- it’s not quick and easy money. It’s also important to understand that your content will always be online, so be 100% sure that it is the career for you before committing. Build up a customer base and get to know what they like. I personally really enjoy getting to know my subscribers, and working with them to make content they’ll love.


Instagram and social media platforms are making it increasingly difficult for you guys, whats your thoughts on this?

I understand that sites are trying to clamp down on “sexual solicitation and exploitation”. As a concept, it’s meant to do good and help those being trafficked or exploited in sex work. However, the vast majority of us promoting on social media are doing this consensually and promoting our business, much like any other business page. It’s truly sad to see our bodies continually censored, as if we should be ashamed of who we are. This is why I love creating glamour and fetish content. It’s not only a job, it’s also personal empowerment and having freedoms not possible on other social media.



















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