I went and met daniele at rsvp store in shoreditch where his collection is currently on sale. Daniele is one half of amazing collaborative brand- hyde fast ldn, his collegue and good friend valentino (aka mrhydetattoos) is responsible for the designs you see adorned across their collection of leather jackets, t-shirts, tanks to name a few. We get an insight into how the brand was born and their visions for the future.


So how did Hyde Fast come about? 

Hyde Fast came about from an idea of Tattoo artist Mr Hyde, who thought himself and I should put our brains together to work on an exclusive brand of clothing and accessories. He saw that with combining our ideas with our specific taste for cool and quirky stuff and his exclusive illustrations it would be perfect for the creation of a fashion brand.


How did you strike up the relationship with MrHydetattoos?

Mr Hyde and I go back a long way. We had been introduced by some friends we had in common in the early 2000s and ultimately strengthening our bond later around 2004 during our golden squatting days in north London, and we were inseparable from the start. We spent the best years of our youth in London organising raves and other creative-artistic events and projects ever since.



























Would you consider collaborating with any other artist in collections or do you feel Hyde Fast has it's identity now?

I would say that Hyde Fast has its own strong identity. Although Mr Hyde is a tattoo artist, the illustrations and design are exclusively thought of for the brand. Some of the designs are tattoo orientated, but some others have a different origin coming from a comprehensive history and Imagery research of Mr Hyde. Therefore it may not be easy to have other artists to develop full collections, but having said that we would still be open to collaboration with artists which we feel embrace our concept. It would be cool to have external inputs to make some limited edition items now and again.


What genre of apparel would you say Hyde Fast falls in to? Is there a certain clientele that seems to buy your clobber?

This comes as a tricky question as we think that Hyde fast differs from collection to collection. Sometimes the collection might be inspired to a specific tattoo illustration or other imagery. Other times it may be inspired by a particular subculture featuring products that were used back in the day, and other times it might be based on a wholly unrelated and utterly innovative design made by Mr Hyde. I would say the typical Hyde Fast admirer would be someone who sees the exclusivity of our products and illustrations, who also likes dark humour, clothing and modern tattoo art. But at the same time, we wouldn't necessarily close our clientele to a specific niche as our product range is extensive and open to different market sectors.



What's your vision for Hyde Fast?

Our vision for Hyde Fast is first to get the people to recognise the exclusivity of our illustrations, designs, quality and selection of the products. We want to give higher value to the brand by creating exclusive one-off hand-painted jackets as well as a new line of accessories including hand-made leather wallets and jewellery produced by artisans from our home country in Italy-Sardinia. We want to place our brand in some selected boutiques and exclusive tattoo shops in London and other major cities. Why not dream bigger! and hoping to place them in department stores where we feel there would be a Clientele who understand the exclusivity of Hyde Fast.


How would you describe Hyde Fast in one word?




















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