"Nakedness is autonomous, adornment makes us individuals and it is with that in mind that I have birthed ‘Haus of Muscat".


My debut collection has a lot of focus on spirituality, featuring specially selected precious stones, each chosen for their healing and protective values and all given a ‘Muscat makeover’ with black plating and druzy finishes for a little more of a haunting edge! Spinner rings also feature heavily in this collection, also known as ‘worry rings’ they are designed to calm anxiety and bring a peaceful state of mind, they are each made up of two to three rings with the inner ring left un-soldered, allowing it to move freely on top of the others – I love the concept of this and have incorporated intricate patterns and detailing on each of the spinner designs giving them a mul-tifaceted purpose to be an article of both aesthetic beauty as well as providing a sense on inner calm.



Anyone who knows me will know that I would not be seen dead without hands full of rings and a ton of layered necklaces! I’m such a little magpie, so jewellery design perhaps isn’t a surprising path for me to embark on, although one that I never expected to have the opportunity to undertake. I have always had a fascination with adornment and I love the idea of decoration of the self –be it through make-up, tattoos, jewellery or unique fashion choice, I’ve always been very conscious of wanting to present and decorate myself in a certain way and for me, jewellery has played a big part in that so in that sense, ‘Haus of Muscat’ feels like a natural progression for me.


















 Nakedness is autonomous, adornment makes us individuals and it is with that in mind that I have birthed ‘Haus of Muscat’ it’s a little bit of me and I hope that you love it as much as I do!
True to form, a dark colour palette runs throughout the collection, black plating and onyx stones are juxtaposed with delicate details and ornamental designs, with a view to creating pieces which are beautifully austere in their aesthetic. It has been important to me to create pieces that along with a dark and eerie aesthetic which people would tend to expect from me, also hold a sense of mystical elegance; eerily alluring with charmingly calming, almost magical undertones.














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