“I’ve never really conformed to the traditional ways of Japan,” Akana explains, musing about how she was different even from childhood. “I’ve always had my own style and ideologies. If I were to say that I look to somebody for style it’d have to be Les Twins (@officiallestwins), I think they’re dope.”

“There’s only one person that comes to mind who I’d love to work with in a professional capacity, and that’s Aya Sato (@Ayasato_official). I’ve never met her but I feel a strong connection to her art and performance. She takes Japanese culture and flips it in her own unique way, such a talent and inspiration.”


In her downtime away from the lightning-paced world of graphic design and modelling, Akane loves exploring new creatives (of which there are many in Tokyo), going to the movies and hanging out with her circle of friends. “Not to mention the odd sing song at a karaoke bar”, she adds with a chuckle.

“I want to travel the world for sure and experience new cultures and ideas. I would love to really express myself more through modelling in countries that have an open mindedness to how I look”.

“Tattoos have a huge stigma attached to them here in Japan. They’re closely associated the Yakuza, an organised crime syndicate that controls many areas of the city. I personally get stopped and searched on a daily basis by the Police and I 100% feel that my opportunities are much more limited by the way I look. Individuals here are banned from public places such as gyms, swimming pools and even some beaches. But despite that I wouldn’t change my appearance for the world. I’m me, I’m individual. I’m the person that pushes the rules”.


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