Hidden away in north london ,some might say is an adults disneyland . as you enter the unit you are welcomed by adreena and her aray of apparatus. at a glance it's hard to imagine that anything looking this sinister has brought so many pleasure. Welcome to the world of bdsm!


So Adreena how did you get into the BDSM industry?

I’ve been on the kink scene since my teens. It all began when I was 16 and used to hang out in the sex shops of Soho, reading the magazines and scaring the business men on their lunch breaks. I started buying magazines like Skin 2 and Marquis, where I learned about the fetish clubs. At 17, I bought a rubber dress and went to Torture Garden. The second I got through the door, I knew that I was home. By the time I was 18, I was modelling and performing at the clubs, and have done so ever since. Domming didn’t come until much later, I’ve only been pro for about 5 or so years. Before that I was a pastry chef and kink was my side hustle. Eventually I got so busy with it, I had to make the jump and give up cheffing. I’ve never looked back.


In your opinion what does it take to be a great dominatrix?

Above anything else, intelligence and emotional empa- thy. You have to be able to understand the psychology of sexuality, ascertain what the individual needs and give it to them. For me, being a dominatrix is about helping people to explore and celebrate their sexuality in a safe space. I always say that the best tool in a dominatrices’ toolbox is her brain. I’m a big fan of psychological play. You can have all the fun toys in the world, but it counts for nothing if you can’t be creative and get inside someone’s head. You also need to be hygienic, disciplined, and deal with men very patient!


Do you think it has a shelf life?

Man, that really depends. I think you are always at risk of burn out. When it stops being fun, and you stop loving it, it gets dark, so I’m always aware of that and trying to take steps to prevent it. The great thing about female dominance is, in theory, it’s about the sexual power of the woman, and there shouldn’t be an expiration date for that. Women get more powerful with age, and so age shouldn’t be a hin- derance. That said, men don’t always see it that way. They

obviously want to be controlled by someone young and beautiful. I have quite a few domme friends in their 40s to 60s who are still very active and successful. I have so much admiration and respect for them, and I’d absolutely love to be doing it in my 50s, too! That said, my style is very sensual and erotic, and I know I incorporate my energy into my work a lot, so I don’t know
if I’ll have the ‘shelf life’ of a domme that specialises in discipline or corporal punishment. I know I commoditise on my youth. To be honest, I’m not sure I want to be on the ‘front line’ of sex work forever... I want to eventually get into advocacy, education and public speaking.


Are there different levels/types of a Dom?

There are different types, styles and approaches, yes. I always encourage potential submissive’s to ‘window shop’ a bit before they book a session, one size does not fit all and we all have different approaches that appeal to different types of submissive. For example, if you consider yourself a slave type, you may want a stricter lifestyle domme. I personally specialise in kink positive, nurturing and authen- tic/natural domination. So I may not appeal to someone who is looking for something really hardcore. We all tend
to naturally develop our own styles and approaches, just like it’s impossible to avoid developing your own personal language within any creative field. Some dominatrices may specialise in financial domination, or hard sports, or disci- pline... You get humiliatrixes for humiliation, cuckoldresses, keyholders...


Why do you think the dominatrix/BDSM industry is so taboo or do you like it that way?

It’s sex, isn’t it? We’re all so repressed about it. It’s mind-blowing to me that in this age people are still so unable to discuss sexuality or anything that is perceived
as unconventional. The problem is that we aren’t willing to talk about sex and sexuality. If we were, there would be a lot less stigma and people’s attitudes to sex would be far healthier. We try to protect people by not addressing sexuality, but it’s actually just very damaging. I personally love it being taboo as I love to live on the pe- riphery of social norms, and I like being able to challenge and confront peoples prejudices. But for the sake of others well being, I do wish we were more open. The amount of men that come to me in their late fifties after repressing who they are their whole lives and carrying round so much shame... It breaks my heart.
























 How do you feel about seeing BDSM or specific accessories being used in pop culture or high end fashion?
Do you think it’s normalising the culture or taking away from it by trivialising it?

I personally find it trivialising. It’s done at best for the aes- thetic, and at worse to try and appear wild, sexy or open minded. It’s rarely done with any consideration given to the community it appropriates. What bothers me about kink being used in the media for entertainment is that, in reality, sex workers are still getting marginalised, murdered and censored. The powers that profit from the community it borrows from are the same ones that repress us. That may sound overly sensitive, but until you know people who have been killed, arrested, forced into poverty and stigmatized, it’s easy to be flippant.


What’s the craziest request you have had?

Haha. I’ve done so much I genuinely find this question hard to answer, I see my whole past flash before my eyes. I’ve been asked all sorts! There really is a kink for everything. I still get sessions where I’m like “Oh my God’’ and I just love that! I love being challenged and pushed, and to try new things. I’ve done some wild things to men’s balls that make even me wince, and I still find it fascinating when I get up a man’s ass to beyond the elbow. It’s like birthing a lamb. I’m endlessly amazed by what the human body can be put through. I have a guy who is always trying to persuade me to drive over small toys in a car. Cannot fathom the pleasure in that one, but I don’t have a car so I had to turn him down anyway. I did once watch a fellow domme friend drive over a man’s testicles in her car. Do not try this at home.


Are there any requests that you haven’t or wouldn’t do?

Everyone one of course has their own limits. I’m generally pretty open minded, but I don’t do hard sports or racial play. I only ever do sessions that I genuinely enjoy or would be excited by. If I’m not into it, it isn’t fair to the person I’m playing with,I always want to be authentic. I want my client to know that if they’re having fun, I’m having fun too.


How big is the community here in London?

That’s hard to answer without a quan- tifier. But before Co-Vid, and before
the London club died in 2018, it was one of the biggest kink communities
in the world. I’m very grateful for that! It’s very hard to say what will emerge after Co-Vid but I’d still say it was one of the most vibrant kink scenes in the world. We have the best designers, and we used to have the best clubs! Also, it’s London, so it’s always going to have diverse, strong underground cultures.


I know it may sound as a cliche but we would have preconceived ideas that 90% of your clients would be wealthy middle aged men is this the case?

Sadly not the case, I wish it was!! I think people are always amazed by how diverse my ‘clients’ are. I get people of all ages and backgrounds, and a lot of very young men. The internet changed everything. Now every one has access to my services. Millennials come from a service culture- they’re used to look- ing online and finding what they need. There is less stigma around sex work so they’re more comfortable approaching me, and social media has made me more of a ‘public figure’ they can have fun with rather than something to be ashamed of. If I had to pick the most common demographic, I would say it was creatives in there early to mid thirties. I find creative types tend to be kinkier,I think it’s because they’re natu- rally more inquisitive and open minded.


What is the most you’ve earned in one session?

Haha. I don’t recall... I think it would either be a hotel session or a financial domination session, and would be around the £2000 mark. If it was for financial domination, that would be in under an hour. But please don’t be as- suming that’s my average income!


Have you had any famous clients?

Yes. But that’s absolutely the most I’m saying... People come to me because they know I can guarantee them abso- lute discretion and anonymity. Every body has the right to that.


Has anything ever gone wrong?

I’ve had men faint on me before, which is actually quite scary when it happens. I’m always very careful to ensure if I have someone in a stress position I can always release them on the floor quick- ly and get their head down. I am careful that if they’re mummified or in heavybondage, they can’t catch on anything and they can easily be released. You really do have to be aware of health and safety at all times. The idea of being responsible for someone’s well being (and, worst case scenario) their life is terrifying and it’s never far from my mind when I’m planning play.


What plans do you have for the future?

Total world domination, haha. I have
a lot. The future in my industry is very unknown and very daunting, but I’m a very driven woman and I have a lot I want to achieve. I’m very motivated. I would like one day to open a second premises which is more of a BDSM apartment, but that’s a massive project. I do want to get into writing, advocacy/ charity and education. I’ve just started to teach salons at Coco De Mer in Cov- ent Garden, and I talk about sex work, safety and sexuality at universities and festivals. I have no idea what my future holds, but I know it’ll be busy.





















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