It's time you met the guys behind JACKWOOD  magazine. 

Who exactly are the three men responsible for bringing you the beautifully bizarre collection of stories, insights and interviews that is Jackwood? Enter Danny, Daniel and James.

Danny Woodstock is an innovative London-based commercial, urban and street photographer. Making his stamp as a veteran of creating and managing digital content for organisations and individuals alike, Danny has been published in some of Europe’s leading tattoo publications. Danny’s determination, adaptability and compatibility enables him to consistently express his love for photography and enhance his relationships within the industry to continually grow and expand his brand. Then there’s Daniel and James Moughtin, two brothers who started the clothing brand Hobo Jack in 2014 in as humble a fashion as you could imagine: from their garage. Who knew that what started out as a small side hustle would grow into what it is today? With no previous experience in the industry, Daniel and James started out with just one small digital printer. 

Five years on, the brothers have reinvested every hard-earned penny back into the Hobo Jack brand and now own a 6000 sq. ft factory with state-of-the-art screen printing machines, garment folding/ packing machines and one of the best printing set ups in the UK. This year Hobo Jack exceeded the milestone 150,0000 order mark, and it looks like they’re just getting started.

In 2018 Danny and Hobo Jack joined forces, travelling the word together and combining their latest drops with beautiful imagery. It was in early 2019 while waiting to board a plane to Texas for their latest collaboration that Jackwood magazine was born. With Danny’s passion and links to models and places in the alternative scene, and with Hobo Jack’s connections with tattoo artists and mastery of the printing & marketing industry, it was a passion project that simply seemed the perfect acquisition for both parties.

Jackwood magazine is an editorial for the people, by the people. Over the years in our relative industries we have met some amazing people from all walks of life, all of them with unfathomably inspiring stories to tell – and we want Jackwood to be the platform for them to be heard. In each month’s edition we will be featuring incredible individuals and the highs and lows they deal with in their respective industries, not to mention features on artists, venues, DJs, bands, clothing brands and much, much more besides….